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Educated Client Roof SolarThe sky gets the nod.

This international client was well researched. He sought us out for one primary reason — we’re the area’s premier SunPower dealer.

His solar investigations led him to the conclusion that SunPower really is “the planet’s most powerful solar.”

After viewing our website and discovering our key difference — engineering — his decision was clear.



Educated Client Roof installationMaster electricians only.

The main electrical service entrance was in need of sophisticated reconfiguration.

For example, the pre-existing off-peak metering for the geothermal system was combined with our solar panels and the rough-in for his future electric car.

The complex upgrade was handled easily, with aesthetics to boot, by the fine master electricians from our installation partner, Steiner Electric.



Educated Client Solar panelsTank up the car at home.

The client reported that, for year 2010, the SunPower system out-performed the PV Watts estimate by 7.8%!

In a world where every solar module manufacturer is vying for percentage points of efficiency, this performance is stellar.

To complete his efficiency portfolio, the client now has his Chevy Volt — an all electric car — charging from the sun!



“The system exceeds our expectations!”