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  • Engineering  a Sustainable Future.
    a Sustainable Future.

What Makes Us Different?

Premier Midwest Solar Energy Development Company

Experienced, professional engineering services are vital to the success of any solar energy project. Energy Concepts brings you experienced, outstanding solar services with a unique engineering-first approach and strong partnerships with quality installation contractors. Our philosophy of integrity and open communication ensures your satisfaction and the success of our solar projects.

Customer satisfaction engineered.


3A Series Solar Panels, Solar Energy Company

The World’s First 400W Solar Panel

Are you ready for the next big step in solar? SunPower ® A-Series delivers the most powerful cell and highest wattage panels you can put on your roof – including the world’s first 400W solar panels. If you want to maximize your lifetime savings, these are panels for you. SunPower has been leading the way in solar for over 30 years—so you can have the very best for your business. Ask for SunPower.