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Emily Hickey, Focus’ Market Provider Coordinator, announced the choice shortly before Sunday afternoon’s keynote speaker on June 21st. Citing Energy Concepts’ ground-breaking designs for the Osceola Middle School and Wigwam Mills Production Facility, Hickey lauded Energy Concepts for pushing the envelope of renewable energy beyond accepted boundaries and finding ways to make projects work for clients.Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s nationally recognized public benefits program, has selected Energy Concepts and Craig Tarr as “2009 Market Provider of the Year” at the annual Midwest Renewable Energy Fair near Stevens Point.

Craig Tarr accepted the award, gratefully acknowledging the support of his wife, Kathy, and family, and admitting that Focus had contributed greatly to the success of Energy Concepts by supporting him with a marketing grant, as well as their nationally recognized renewable energy programs.

When it comes to engineering and contracting, whether involving renewable energy or not, quality makes a difference. That’s a commitment we make every day at Energy Concepts and our partner, Steiner Plumbing/Heating/Electric. To the extent that this commitment has been recognized at the State level by Focus on Energy is extremely gratifying and confirms that excellence does not go unnoticed.

Enough pats on the back. Now it’s back to work. If you’re serious about producing your own energy, give us a call. We know how to make wind and solar work for you–as well, or better than any other company in Wisconsin.