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St Paul Green installLight rail corridor goes solar.

The Spruce Tree Center solar project was the first of an Xcel Energy initiative to establish a solar corridor along the new light rail line.

The projects demonstrates the viability of larger solar electric systems in Minnesota. At 36.8 kW, it’s currently among the ten largest in the state.

Prominent dignitaries celebrated the project at the official light rail ground breaking.



St Paul Green solarIntense project management.

The multitude of meetings required to negotiate the partnership between Xcel, the owner, and ourselves was daunting. Next came execution.

Satisfying the owner’s stringent standards, engineering a satisfactory roof mounting scheme while minimizing tenant impact was not for the feint of heart!




St Paul Green panelsThe SunPower difference.

Third party monitoring shows the SunPower difference. They produce more kWh per kW nameplate rating than any module available.

Go to Solectria’s SolrenView to see the system’s live and historical performance.

Most solar electric systems have a derate factor of 0.8 DC nameplate to AC output. This project produces its DC nameplate rating on a daily basis!



SunPower. The world’s most powerful solar.