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Coffee house panels

Of grinds and electrons.

The Depot is a renovated trainstop in Hopkins that now serves as a coffee house and trailhead for area bike trails.

The Depot also serves as an important asset to the community by providing students an opportunity to create their own place to learn, relax, and have fun while running a coffee shop and investing their efforts in the local community and economy.

Mission statementPractical and educational.

Since creation in 1998, the Depot has been committed to using more and more environmentally sound practices.

In addition to the solar photovoltaics, actions have included composting refuse and serve ware, upgrading energy-intensive appliances, hosting green events and more!

The project was paid for in part by a Minnesota DNR Solar Energy Legacy Grant.

Meter graphicTime to count the numbers.

The coffee house’s popularity and location on the regional trail mean thousands of people will come upon the solar array.

There will be a flat screen monitor inside to let people know how much electricity the sun is generating—with any excess energy going back onto the electrical grid.

Click here to view their real-time solar monitoring!

Energy Concepts and SunPower
Simply the best solar performance possible!