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We choose the best.

Be confident of our product selection.

Products Solar PanelsDesigned to last.

A first-rate renewable energy system requires the harmony of design, product selection and installation. Getting only two out of three right will guarantee future problems. The synthesis of our experience ensures that all three areas of your project sing in perfect harmony. Energy Concepts doesn’t just shop for the best deal of the day or week. Best-in-class products are selected based on the application. We have long-standing relationship with our preferred suppliers to bring you the best solutions for your project.

Energy Concepts Preferred Best-in-Class Products

With a life expectancy of three to four decades, small errors upfront make for large differences in energy output and equipment life. You only have one chance to get it right the first time.

Best in class does not mean we sell only the most expensive products. We don’t over-design, as if money were no object. We find a synergy of elements — for your project and your budget.


Products Solar PanelsTest of time.

Our quality manufacturers take a disciplined approach to designing and testing complete integrated systems that are engineered to perform for decades.

Our years of trusted manufacturer support means best-in-class field and warranty services. Even if you want to be off the grid, you won’t be alone.

As new entrants come and go, our manufacturers have stayed up with the times and stood the test of time. We are there for you.