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Passive House

A collaborative effort.

We at Energy Concepts are proud of our contribution towards this first certified Passive Houses™ in the midwest!

It ranks among one of only a few net energy positive and carbon-neutral buildings in the country, blending economy, ecology, health and durability in ways only a Passive House can.

Passive House Panels

The solar goods.

Our 4.7 kW SunPower photovoltaic system generates a surplus of energy consumed on site, avoiding 2.78 tons of CO2 annually!

Our domestic hot water system utilizes a 40 square foot hot water solar collector on the roof to pre-warm water in a 50 gallon storage tank, providing as much as 85% of needs.

Passive House MeterTime to count the numbers.

The Passive House in the Woods zero energy design includes high performance building envelopes with maximum insulation and high efficiency heat recovery systems, sparing the need for a furnace.

These key designs in addition to our solar electric and solar hot water systems provide for carbon neutral operation.

Energy Concepts and SunPower
Simply the best solar performance possible!