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Rooftop Solar Community leadership.

“There’s teaching potential for our students in having solar panels on the roof.

“We have to prepare them for a renewable energy future. That’s where jobs will be found,” says Bob Schmidt, maintenance operations supervisor at the school.

The sophisticated monitoring allows the roof-mounted system to work its way into the curriculum for science classrooms.

Solar heated waterResults exceed expectation.

After two years, Schmidt exclaims his amazement with the system. During the summer months they can turn the fossil fuel boilers completely off.

During the school year, there are many days the old boilers don’t kick on until late in the evening as the pools — solar heated by day — cool at night.

In fact, Focus on Energy published a case study for the industry defining our install.

Solar Panels for heating poolSophistication in design.

We designed a primary/secondary pumping system — the 1st applied to a solar application.

The primary loop has a variable speed pump for flow control and horsepower savings. All 3 pools have a dedicated secondary pump and heat exchanger that can extract heat from the primary.

The secondary loops provide the warmest solar fluid in cascading order of need: spa, kid pool, competition pool, and domestic for showers.

No solar heating solution is too complex.