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Geo Thermal solar

Minnesota’s 2nd largest solar.

The Vadnais Heights-based non-profit has created one of the most unique and environmentally friendly commercial buildings in Minnesota!

The building’s design incorporates a thermal envelope, a 100kW solar installation, a white roof, a geothermal system and a redesigned lighting system.

At the time, it was the 2nd largest solar installation in the state.



First all geo building.

Geo Thermal solar

The renovation focused on a level of efficiency and energy modeling beyond any comparable commercial building.

It was one of the first commercial buildings to go all electric and exclusively use heat and cool from ground source pumps.

The 525 Evergreen panels provide about 15% of the building’s electric needs. The project also includes a new energy efficient Duralast white roof — installed by Four Seasons Builders.


Carbon busters.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (pictured) toured the building, presenting an award for energy savings and efforts to combat global warming.

She calls these honors her “Carbon Buster Awards of Excellence.”

We’re the Midwest leader in large scale solar development.