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Solar Panels WisconsinBid package left a mess.

What happens when designers fail to understand the unique requirements of solar systems on roof tops? A mess left for contractors to sort out.

This central Wisconsin tribal transportation center had serious design flaws to overcome with both the solar electric and solar thermal systems.

The building itself had not been designed to accommodate the wind and snow loads that a solar system presents.

Call an expert.

We presented the owner and design team with the appropriate methods to mount and pipe their immense solar thermal system.

We identified both structural and mechanical concerns. Then redesigned the system — even switching the roof intended for the install.

Our structural partner, Lindau Engineering, set raised the bar — going beyond the code compliance for solar mounting methods.


Solar Thermal PanelsOne of the largest in the state.

The system includes 1,100 square feet of collectors piped to three of our trademark drainback solar stations.

The three large solar systems all tie together to serve the in-floor heating system for the transportation building garage.

The system provides 75% of the garage’s annual heating. A separate drainback system saves the building domestic water heating.


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