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Tribal nation goes solarSeventh generation principle.

“Make decisions today to benefit children seven generations into the future.”

That principle was underscored in this impressive project that featured both a 20kW solar electric system and a large solar thermal system.

The publicly bid project had many problems with poorly understood solar designs by the architect and engineer.



Tribal nation goes solarChallenge of mounting solar.

With both our 90 mph wind and 50 psi snow design considerations, mounting solar on roofs not adequately design for it is a real problem. Such was the case for this project.

The architect and engineer of record did not adequately address these structural considerations.

We brought in their own experts to design and install a sophisticated and custom mounting scheme to save the day.



Tribal nation goes solarOnly SunPower will fit.

The engineer of record specified more solar than would fit on the available roof space. Yet the project was required to have a certain kW to meet funding criteria.

With SunPower at the ready, we were able to reduce the footprint by 30%, and fit the required kW capacity in the available square footage.

Not only does SunPower out perform — it does so in considerably less space on your roof!



We know how to creatively solve problems.