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Wisconsin SolarEnergy Star showcase.

This beautiful home is Energy Star-rated and has one of the Midwest’s largest residential solar hot water systems.

As new construction, we closely coordinated with the architectural design. Our partner, Steiner, installed the heating plant and controls.

We coordinated the solar design into the base building heating and control systems for seamless interaction and optimum energy savings.




Wisconsin Solar Hot Water reservoirTrademark drainback design.

Actually, the residential system was large enough to incorporate our trademark commercial solar thermal design elements.

It’s based on a drainback design that we’ve successfully done for our commercial clients.

Mounting the 30 collectors on the 12/12 pitch roof 3 stories in the air was a daunting task, but — with our OSHA-certified installers — impeccable job site safety is always our standard.




Wisconsin Solar Hot WaterDeeply integrated innovation.

For thermal storage, the system features a large buried concrete tank below the basement floor.

Stainless steel heat transfer plates transfer heat from the solar loop into the tank, and extract the stored heat to pass on to the in-floor tubing.

In addition, electronic digital automation controls the system. It’s integrated with variable speed pumps, multiple temperature loops, and high efficiency boilers.



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