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Simply better. By design.

The nationally-recognized solar project engineering experience you need.

Solar Power WiringDegrees of expertise.

With more than 30 years’ experience in residential, commercial and utility solar project engineering, Energy Concepts principal engineer, Craig Tarr, P.E., sets the standard. He has the expertise to work with architects. And his distinguished credentials and impressive body of work have him in demand for energy analysis, deficiency evaluations, HVAC systems, central boiler and chiller plants, commercial ground-source heat pump systems, plumbing systems and building automation/control systems.

Corners are never for cutting.

As a professional engineer, Craig is bound by a code of ethics to not cut corners or create projects of inferior quality. He will not sign off on your project until he certifies that your installation meets the highest engineering standard for aesthetic design, safety, efficiency, reliability, and durability. Not to mention meeting applicable codes, trade specifications and architectural requirements!

Attention to detail is part of the Energy Concepts difference.


Sterns Lift Plan 90sRaising the bar by design.

We bring a new level of engineering expertise to renewable energy. For every job, we produce a set of professionally engineered (PE) plans that certify your project meets the highest standards. Your design plans are backed by a design errors and omission insurance policy against errors, omissions or deficiencies.

We don’t make empty promises. We do give you certified professional engineering plans.

What engineering means to you.

Professionally engineered plans clearly define every facet of a project. All stakeholders will fully understand the project before installation begins. By mastering and documenting the technical specifications in advance, the delays, surprises, and cost overruns frequent in construction are all but eliminated.

Fully engineered plans give clear directions to contractors — allowing them to focus on what they do best: their trade.