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Ground mount solar energy panel installations save you money.

The economics and inside track to save money on solar projects.

An unmatched investment in the future.

We’ve installed solar projects that will recoup 100% of their initial investment in six to 12 years. After payback, a professionally-designed and installed system will continue to operate for decades. Every watt you generate after payback is growing dividends. As energy prices rise and volatility rattles financial markets, the true long-term payback of a renewable energy system has a potential unmatched by other investments.

Energy that pays you back.

Rooftop solar energy panels lower operation costs and increase the value of a building.Energy Concepts is up-to-date on the available incentives, solar rewards and more. We get out our calculator and do the homework for you.

Our financial analysis includes:

  • Tax credit and depreciation
  • Rebates
  • Electrical energy savings
  • Future electric rate escalations
  • Third-party solar generation modeling
  • Financing options available

We demystify the financials for you!

Economics, Solar PanelThe deeper benefits of clean energy. We believe that return on investment (ROI) is the first among many other considerations in calculating the true value of your renewable energy project. Clean energy not only benefits our world, it enriches us ethically and spiritually. Once you start producing renewable power you may be pleasantly surprised at the true depth of its return.

Reasons to invest in solar:

  • Promoting a sustainable lifestyle as a fundamental human principle
  • Contributing to a healthier environment for future generations
  • Realizing energy independence, price security and peace of mind
  • Increasing resale value and the desirability of a property
  • Promoting the good will value of your organization or business

Renewables mean security, independence and leadership.