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Sun Dancers Veteran A veteran adds solar

After retiring from 20 plus years of service, this veteran created his idyllic prairie homestead.

Having already installed geothermal to optimize his heating and cooling energy usage, he turned to solar to offset the electricity in his home.

By purchasing a solar system that nearly covers all of his electrical energy use, he has essentially eliminated utility costs for his retirement years.



Sun Dancers monitorDon’t disturb the daisies.

His extensively restored prairie, with its native flowers and grasses, presented a challenge: how to perform the major construction associated with a tracker and minimize impact on the prairie.

Along with our installation partner, Steiner Electric, we devised an installation plan and a winter/spring schedule to reduce our installation footprint on the customer’s sensitive land.




Sun DancersTime to count the numbers.

The energy usage of this home is closely monitored. The customer knows how much electricity goes to each load by the month.

After a year of operation, the results are in: the SunPower Wattsun tracker system is delivering a majority of his home’s energy usage.

Month after month, his SunPower systems are out-performing even our expectations. This very happy client has the numbers to prove it.




Our engineering and SunPower trackers…
Simply the best solar performance possible!