We help you shine.

Are you a licensed contractor interested in renewables?

The whole enchilada.

We have the expertise for integrating renewable energy technologies into commercial building systems. Combined with our well-researched product, we can help integrate solar and wind into your project.

We begin with developing contractor-ready, project-specific installation drawings, not off-the-shelf templates. Our drawings and product cut sheets are submittal ready.

By engineering on paper first, we ensure that your design, equipment, and all the parts will fit seamlessly into your project.

Surprise! No surprises.

We provide the solar or wind specific parts. We deliver the highest quality products at the purchase points demanded to satisfy the competitive bid specifications.

We provide a bill of materials on the plans to delineate who is providing what. So that there are no surprises.

We make sure that you have the parts you need -- when you need them. We take the guesswork out of renewable energy systems. In short, we are a value-added solar and wind system parts distributor.

Don’t get left in the dark.

Our project plans are suitable for permit application and utility interface. We will assist with utility interconnection and rebate applications.

Once plans are approved and parts ordered, we offer everything from installation mentoring to job superintendents to final system commissioning.

As a contractor, you do not need to be a renewable energy expert or attend endless trainings in order to incorporate alternative energy systems into your next project.

Let Energy Concepts get you there.