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We help architects and engineers with renewables.

We've seen it all.

The state our industry is not often flattering.

Sometimes the initial plans from the A/E team are wrong. Or the conventional mechanical and electrical contractors don't know what they are doing. The bidding process is often messy and meaningless.

And, ultimately, expensive renewable systems are installed incorrectly.

This situation is far too common, and is giving solar and wind an unwarranted bad reputation as technology that doesn't work. Small upfront errors make a huge difference in a renewable energy systems performance and longevity.

Turn to an expert.

Has this happened on your project?

Wind systems: Towers are too short or too far away. Metering and main switchgear tie-ins frequently wrong. Projects put out to bid without zoning permits. These headwinds can doom a poorly planned wind project.

Solar electric systems: Specified system doesn't fit the roof. String sizing of modules to inverters incorrect. Or utility and main switchgear tie-ins incorrect. Poorly planned solar projects go down before the sun does.

Solar thermal systems: Systems oversized and unnecessarily complex. Pump and heat exchanger selections incorrect. Improperly designed solar thermal systems quickly burn themselves out.

Roof-mounted solar systems: Major deficiencies with roof attachment. Structural and load implications not considered. Roof penetrations not identified. If not done right, roof systems pose a serious safety threat.

We eliminate the guesswork.

We have the expertise to be included on the A/E design team as a sub-consultant specific to the renewable energy systems.

We can determine what renewable energy system best fits the owner's needs and budget. In addition, we develop a schematic design for the rest of the design team.

We collaborate with the structural engineer, the architect, and the conventional M & E designers to ensure that the final bid documents are well coordinated and integrated into the overall building design package.