How do you catch a breeze?

We know what matters with wind.

Location, location, location.

Wind is a prodigious producer of electricity -- in the right location.

Wind turbines are only practical in specific applications. Adequate average wind speeds, an unencumbered horizon, and sufficient clearance from property lines are prerequisites.

Minnesota and Wisconsin have excellent wind potential and we are at the forefront of harnessing a growing market.

If your site is a candidate, call us for an assessment.

We separate the best from the rest.

We get solicitations from new manufactures of wind turbines almost daily.

Foreign companies are aggressively attempting to bring unproven products into the U.S. Our products are cutting edge, but also have a distinguished track record of reliability.

We work directly with the world’s finest manufacturers of time-tested turbines. We’ll never leave you, or your wind turbine, hanging out to dry.

From a Northwinds 100kW to a Bergey 10kW to a Skystream 1.8kW -we have the best covered!

Thriving with wind.

Given the stresses they are subject to, a wind system requires precision. Mixing and matching turbines and poles does not always fly.

Our manufactures offer integrated turbine and tower packages. When building a thoroughbred, the right legs matter.

We are a certified dealer of both Northern Power and Endurance wind turbines. Both deliver high performance and proven reliability.

We will show you how the right wind system can provide your home or business with the energy it needs to thrive.