Turn sunlight into savings.

Solar hot water is the answer.

The hottest collectors and coolest systems.

We are a 5-Star dealer of Velux Solar Water Heating Systems. A trusted household name, Velux combines high technology with European elegance. Similar to their proven skylights, collectors are attractively flush-mounted directly into your roof.

We use Minnesota-made Solar Skies as the heart of our custom commercial applications. These home grown collectors deliver world-class performance and reduce your carbon footprint substantially. Let your values and reputation shine with solar's hottest investment.

The heart and soul of solar thermal.

Parts and pipes.
Solar thermal systems are more complex than PV. A thermal system includes modules, pumps, a controller, piping, storage tank(s), and mixing valves. Despite this complexity, a well designed and installed system is elegant in its simplicity.

Getting it right.
Unlike PV, where parts are tested together and integrated into a single system, the disparate components of solar thermal must be married together for each application. To get this 30-plus year commitment right means knowing what works with what. We do.

Get into hot water. Safely.

We’ve built our reputation on a strong foundation of engineering expertise and we build every system on equally vigorous mounts. We have perfected a mounting concept and use that proven system to custom design the best foundation for every job.

Safety is job #1.
Solar thermal panels are twice the size and weight of PV modules and can produce scalding heat. We never take short cuts that could have dire consequences later. We get you into hot water with peace of mind.

Hot and heavy.
Because of their larger footprint and heavier panels, the structural forces with solar thermal are more complex than with PV. Our years of experience ensure that your water is hot. And that no one gets burned.