Harness the sun.

Solar electric is here now.

SunPower, simply the best.

With another year of data from our SunPower installations, Energy Concepts is convinced now more than ever that SunPower is the world's premium photovoltaic module.

With the introduction of the E20 series SPR240 and SPR320 this year, SunPower offers the only 20% efficient modules in the world!

Furthermore, recent production expansion has afforded a radical $/kW price drop. SunPower continues to raise the bar and set the benchmark for others to strive for.

We are proud to have passed the rigorous dealer selection and training process required by SunPower to earn status as premier dealers. Call today to find out how SunPower is superior to all others!

What you don’t see matters.

SunPower combs the world over for the finest inverters, integrating these vital components into a complete and seamless integrated system.

We choose wisely.
Our inverter selections encompass the best of a broad range of technologies; from central inverters, module-mounted, and micro-inverters. We know what works. And where.

Tailored to fit.
No two solar applications are the same. We select the proper inverter for your application.

Other budgets.
For projects driven by budget, we also offer other proven and reliable solar photovoltaic modules.

Ready for every season.

Solar systems in the Midwest are subject to extreme conditions, and must endure high winds, storms, cold, snow, and ice. We design and install your system on mounts that proven for these extremes.

Given the potential serious consequences of getting any one part of a mounting system wrong, we take mounts seriously.

We offer the safest and most aesthetically-pleasing mounting options available. Whether roof, pole, or ground-mounted, we anchor your system soundly. In fact, we do more pole-mount systems than anyone in the Midwest.

A pole-mounted tracking system can take you even one step further.