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May 2011

Come See Us Live and in Person at the Living Green Expo!


Energy Concepts will be live and in person at the Living Green Expo!

Living Green Expo seeks to turn values into actions through presentation of products, services and information that promote healthier, more sustainable consumption and lifestyles. It provides a way for environmental organizations to collaborate in their efforts to make sure that our natural resources are well cared for.

Stop by our booth where our team members will be well versed with the latest in renewable energy technology, financial programs and incentives! A fun time for everyone, including the kids. Bring the family down this weekend.

**Located @ Minnesota State Fairgrounds** Booth number C08, in the Progress Center,
1265 Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55108

#Living Green Expo


The time is now for solar. The utility and state incentives for Xcel customers in Minnesota or Focus On Energy in Wisconsin are attractive. Additionally, take advantage of the federal 30% tax credit. Use your tax dollars to offset your solar purchase versus paying more of your hard earned money directly to the IRS.

If you are a commercial client, the MACRS depreciation (with first year 100% bonus until the end of 2011) will significantly impact your IRR. These incentives are time sensitive. There is no telling how long these rebates and tax credits will be available or if they will remain at the current levels.

So, don't wait. Call the knowledgable staff at Energy Concepts today to learn what incentives and tax benefits are available to you.

SunPower: The Planet's Most Powerful Solar

With another year of data from our SunPower installations, Energy Concepts is convinced now more than ever that SunPower manufacturer's the world's premium photovoltaic modules.

In addition to the industry leading 19% module efficiency, our SunPower systems are providing more kilowatt hours (kWh) per DC nameplate kilowatt (kW) capacity than anything else we have seen! But, don't take our word for it—ask our clients!

We are proud to partner with Sun Power having achieved our Premier Dealer status. Call Energy Concepts today to find out how SunPower—The Planet's Most Powerful Solar—is superior to all other photovoltaic manufacturers.

Engineer's Corner


Are you looking for a solar home or know anyone else that wants to live more sustainably?

Kathy and I are paring down. See the following to find out more about our lovely "Eco Home" for sale on five acres adjacent to the banks of the Kinni Rinver in River Falls, Wisconsin.

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Call Kathy @ 715-808-1385

New Website Launch in May!

Look for our new cutting edge website being launched in May.

We have been so busy working on the new website design that our existing site has been ignored.

We apologize for that. The wait will be worth it!

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