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Margaret Mead

Not just for big business.

Renewable energy systems are increasingly appropriate for residential applications.

While every project is unique, the costs on this page represent our experience in bringing renewable systems to a variety of clients. A variety of incentives are available to reduce these costs.

Ballpark figures for solar.

Solar domestic hot water @ $12,000
The best investment: reasonable payback, durable and reliable tech, and easy to install. On new construction, it can pay for itself from day one.

Solar hot water and space heating @ $30,000
Excellent overall value. On sunny winter days, it produces big energy savings and is readily incorporated into existing systems.

Solar electric—fixed mount @ $10,000 per kW
Stable design, low cost, easily integrated into your electrical system. With net metering, your meter can spin backwards. And no messy batteries.

Solar electric—dual axis tracker @ $13,000 per kW
Sensor-driven motor tracks the arc of the sun daily and across the seasons. It produces more power per panel, so it has higher efficiency.

Ballpark figures for wind.

Small turbines (2.5 kW producing @3,500 kWh) @ $25,000
Small turbines are reliable with a long history. Solid producers in the right spot, but make less energy per dollar invested than solar electric systems.

Mid-size turbines (5 kW producing @ 8,000 kWh) @ $60,000
Outperform the return on investment of solar, but with 80’-120’ towers are still relatively hard to site, and do require regular maintenance.

Large turbines (10-70 kW producing @ 25,000 kWh) @ $85,000
Good return on investment. High producer of electricity which requires interconnection and buy-back agreements with utility. Big units needing space to site the major towers, as well as regular maintenance by a pro.