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Sunny Futures

Minnesota has attractive incentives, but only for those who act fast. Recent state legislation lays out an aggressive solar initiative, with guaranteed funds for ten years.

There are two plans available for 2014: Made in Minnesota (MiM) and New Solar Rewards (NSR). Both have moved away from the traditional upfront cash back incentive based on KW in favor of a 10 year solar production tariff based on kWh. The incentive will be paid annually based on the previous years production. See DSIRE website for specific details.

Act fast - Applications for MiM funds close February 28th with NSR program details being announced shortly.

#1 New Solar Rewards

This incentive program is available to Xcel customers only. Residential and commercial systems up to 20 kW are allowed. $5M of funds are available. The production incentive tariff is set at $0.08/kWh. Application details are soon to be announced. What we know is that the program will be on a first come first serve basis and is expected to fully allocate within hours on the first day of applications being taken.

For this program, we will primarily be using SunPower, the world's leader in solar. Here at Energy Concepts, we unequivocally believe SunPower to be the finest solar company in the world. They offer industry leading efficiency, performance and reliability.

Typical payback is 6-7 years, with continued income over 30+ years.

#2 Made in MN

This incentive program offers higher tariff incentives ($0.13-0.39/kWh) and is designed to encourage the use of MN module manufacturer's. The program will be administered by the State of MN and will be available to all customers of investor owned utilities. Systems up to 10 kW for residential and 40 kW for commercial are allowed. $15M of funds will be issued on a lottery basis after the Jan-Feb application cycle closes.

For this program, we will primarily be using Bloomington based tenKsolar, who offer a unique solution to flat roof and ground mounted installations. In their 4th year of production, Energy Concepts has finally given the blessing tenk for meeting our best in class standards. For pitched roofs, our solution would be to use Hibbing based Silicon Energy with their unique all glass encapsulated module.

Typical payback is 5-6 years, with continued income over 30+ years.