Going green is good for business.

The clean energy you need to stay in power.

Renewable energy adds up.

Alternative energy makes fantastic economic sense for commercial projects for several reasons.

First, a greater ratio of energy produced per dollar invested.

Secondly, look at the tax incentives -- both from the state and federal government. We know about state grants and rebates, as well as generous utility incentives.

Finally, check out the benefits of Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation: five years on solar; seven on wind.

Speed up your payback.

Incentives and accelerated depreciation swiftly return your investment.

For example, efficient renewable applications -- like solar hot water -- are a great investment with a net payback in 5 to 10 years.

Remember the benefits are not just economic.

There is the "halo effect" of promoting your company’s leadership in your community and to your customers. We have the media savvy to help make your project stand out.

Ballpark figures for commercial projects.

Commercial solar thermal @ $130 per square foot panel
Biggest bang for the buck, if you need hot water. Solid, reliable technology that is easily installed. Produces four times the energy of solar electric.

Commercial solar electric @ $6.50 per Watt
The larger the installation, the lower the cost. 100 kW systems come down to $6,000/kW. Highly reliable, little maintenance, great for large flat roofs.

Commercial wind @ 100 kW=$500,000, 1 MW = $2,000,000
High value return on investment in terms of energy produced. Technology is reliable and proven with great incentives. Massive pieces of equipment requiring professional installation and cooperation with local utilities.