Engineering first. A difference that lasts.

Our roots are deeper than renewables.

Committed to the future.

Since 1994, Energy Concepts, Inc. has been providing world-class engineering for mechanical and electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

In 2007, we committed our future and expertise solely to renewable energy systems.

Wind and solar were not just a business expansion, but a natural progression of our professional training and personal passion.

Not long after, we received the prestigious State of Wisconsin “Renewable Energy Market Provider of the Year” Award for 2009. We're proud of how quickly we've made a mark in our industry.

Takes two to tango with the sun and wind.

With an undergraduate degree in solar and wind engineering, founder & CEO Craig Tarr, P.E., has both the passion and professional credentials to bring a higher level of professionalism into renewable energy.

To match this extensive background, we needed an installation partner. Enter Steiner Plumbing Heating and Electric, of River Falls, Wisconsin -- with a history of high technical competence and great customer service.

Steiner is a perfect match. They've over 25 years of residential and light commercial contracting, and a skilled crew of 15. Big enough, but not too big -- with a focus on quality work and customer satisfaction.

Rise to the top.

Together with Steiner we continue to raise the standard by which renewable energy companies are judged.

In our first year alone of partnership, we completed is the 2nd largest solar electric system in Minnesota.

We also added to our resume of sophisticated projects an award-winning solar thermal system -- as well as many wind systems.

Our story continues. Committed to you.

We continue to define the regional renewable energy industry.

Our services are increasingly being requested at a national level. Our engineering designs are unsurpassed. Our installations win awards, and are the subject of case studies.

Add your project to our unfolding legacy as the Midwest’s premier wind and solar engineering and installation company.