Sweating every detail. It’s our nature.

Our passion is engineering excellence.

Design first.

All our projects come with signed Professional Engineered (PE) project design plans.

We are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This “design first” philosophy will put you at ease that we’re not leaving important details to chance.

We address site-specific requirements, energy demands, existing infrastructure, budget realities and aesthetic considerations project by project. We arrive site-ready with the right equipment, parts, and the experience to execute the plan.

You deserve nothing less.

Impeccable quality and value.

We're not an “internet reseller” of renewable technologies.

The products we offer have been carefully selected for reliability, utility, aesthetic appeal, and because they fit seamlessly into our custom designs.

We also maintain a cost-conscious attitude, promote efficiency, and believe that high value outcomes are what anchor our competitive edge.

Honesty, integrity, and open communication in all interactions are engineered into the essence of the Energy Concepts experience.

A commitment to you. And the Earth.

Sustainability, environmental stewardship and "whole thinking" are the core of our business. We strive to uphold the following principles:

* We believe that challenges make us stronger and lead to better results.
* We enjoy the satisfaction of quality work.
* We lead by example and walk the talk.
* We focus on quality and value.

We employ best industry practices, including the finest components. All installations are performed by fully licensed contractors who are insured, bonded and carry all required certifications in their respective trades.

We’ll cut through red tape. But we’ll never cut corners.

Customer satisfaction. Engineered.

We believe a sustainable energy future can happen if each renewable energy project is well researched, expertly designed and professionally installed.

By engineering and designing on paper, we bring reliability, peace of mind, and maximum return.

Because of our disciplined planning and experience, we complete projects on time, without surprises, cost overruns or change orders.

We make you feel good about doing good.